Thank you for entering our upcoming prize draw (June 30) for one of three possum fur pain relief belts.

I wish you all the best.

I’m not sure if you are entering because you are the one with lower back pain, or whether it is because you know of someone who does.

If you are the one with pain and the pain is quite severe, may I make a suggestion.

Depending on where you live in the world, click on one of the following websites:

New Zealand / Australia:
UK / Europe:
Rest of World:

Study the information on the belt, why it works, the case studies and check out the testimonials.

Decide if you think the belt might be suitable for your back pain or not.

One very good test is what I call the ‘Hot Water Bottle / Wheat Bag’ test.

If a hot water bottle, heated wheat bag or any other form of applied ‘warmth’ helps relieve your back pain, then the possum fur belt will almost certainly work for you. You cannot go around wearing a hot water bottle or wheat bag and if you take them to bed at night they eventually go cold. In many cases you’ll then wake with stiff joints and back pain.

Many of our most happy clients find that wearing the possum belt to bed gives them a great night’s sleep and they also wake up in the morning pain free – without having to ‘warm up’ as it were. Because possum fur is hollow, the belt does not ‘overheat’ and keeps your back constantly warm at around 2 degrees above blood temperature.

If you would like to acquire a belt BEFORE the prize draw on June 30 here’s what we promise.

  1. Purchase now and you will still be in the prize draw. If you are 65 or over you receive a 10% discount.
  2. If you are a winner then we will send you your win, which you may keep or give to a friend with back pain.
  3. We will also REFUND in full any payments made by you on your purchase – so you will effectively have two belts at no cost.
  4. Our website offers an interest free THREE pay option spread over 3 months and the belt will be sent upon receipt of the first payment. If you don’t wish to order online you may do so by phone.From within New Zealand 0800 115 241 or 027 471 2242
    From overseas +64 27 471 2242 (If calling from overseas bear in mind NZ time. We can take calls 9am–midnight NZ time, 7 days week)

With every good wish in your quest for pain relief – and again good luck in the prize draw.

Best regards,

Henry Newrick
Managing Director
Painaway NZ Ltd